Branding philosophy

Successful businesses have a strong brand


Set your business up for success

The Easie Marketing Hierarchy of Needs shows the steps a business must advance through to see optimal results in advertising, brand awareness and conversions.  The following are detailed descriptions of each step:

Brand identity and target markets

Your brand identity is the first step of your business.  It is the foundation that everything else builds from. It is the type of colors, style of images, tone and aesthetics that represent the core of what your company does.  Your brand identity goes much deeper than just your logo and web design.

Target markets correspond with your brand identity.  When you have a dedicated and consistent brand, target demographics naturally emerge, helping you be effective and deliberate in your marketing campaigns.


A successful business in 2018 has a website.  The choices a business makes with their website become much easier after a brand identity is identified.  From there, the aesthetics, typography, page-flows and user experience emerge clearly. When a website is consistent with your brand, it will resonate clearly with your target markets.

Depending on the scope of business, a mobile app may also be required.  Generally this is an optional step, especially for earlier stage companies.

Advertising, social media and PR

Effective advertising means understanding your target markets on a psychological level so you can choose the marketing channels, messages and content that presents your brand with impact.  When you have an organized and niche-oriented marketing campaign, you will have significantly higher conversion rates, visibility and user engagement at a lower cost. Set your business up for success to save costs and capture more market share faster.

Easie Roadmap for Successful Marketing

Phase 1

Define your brand

  • Brand identity
  • Core logo and variations
  • Brand video
  • Brand website
  • Define target markets

Phase 2

Tell your story

  • Marketing plan
  • Content creation (video, photography, writing and infographics)
  • Advertising geared towards awareness, calls to action, growing followers and expanding your brand
  • Social media presence
  • Public relations strategy
  • Brand amplification action plan