Recurring projects

Have you ever just wanted to

"set it and forget it" with a project?

We understand.

When scheduling meetings, appointments, etc. on our calendars, we have the clear option to recur:


Easie lets you set projects to recur in the frequency you specify

A powerful human-project automation feature, recurring projects make it easier for you to focus on your priorities.  From basic to highly specialized, here are some examples of recurring projects:

  • Send a pizza to my office every Thursday at 12:30pm for the next eight weeks.

  • Check my email every Monday.

  • Send three contractors to help with my landscaping project for the next three Wednesdays.

  • Pick up lab samples at my lab at 2:30pm every Tuesday for the next four weeks.

We also will suggest automations to make your processes more efficient when we see them so it is truly a plug and play experience.  Talk to us about recurring project solutions for your business.