Travel management


Automated travel for your unique requirements

The experience of traveling can be significantly improved with a well-planned itinerary and 24/7 itinerary support.  Travel can be complex and Easie uses experienced travel specialists to ensure your trips go smoothly.

We can make bookings, suggest itineraries and help you get visas.  We can also analyze the countries you're planning to travel to and provide country information reports.


Send Easie a request of your travel needs and leave the rest to us.  We will research flights, hotels and transport for your trip and book the itinerary you authorize.  Our experience in complex multi-country trips allows us to identify options for you at the lowest costs.  Bookings can also be arranged as recurring projects (e.g. book me a hotel in Singapore for the first week of every month).

Itinerary management

Before, during and after your travel, Easie can be there with you.  We can call hotels, schedule things and take a proactive approach in ensuring your trip flows smoothly.  You can share information like frequent flyer number via our encrypted communication platform that we use for sharing confidential information.  If a flight gets cancelled or a change happens, we will be there right when it happens to help you succeed.  


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For frequent international travelers or traveling teams, visas are a necessity.  American passport holders may be denied access to board a flight to their destination country if their visa paperwork is incorrect (e.g. Nigeria, Algeria and Malaysia).  Many countries also require your passport's remaining validity be over six months.  Other countries allow for visa-on-arrival. 

Delays in travel due to visa issues can be catastrophic to a project.  Easie provides quality in visa applications, knowledge and execution and can provide guidance on your travel needs.  Our vast experience in 50+ countries for visa compliance uniquely qualifies our team for this.

Local services and research

In-country transportation, lodging and activities all require research.  Some examples:

  1. What fun things are happening in LA tonight?

  2. I need a surf lesson on my trip to Durban.

  3. Need a hipster vegan restaurant in TJ.

  4. Book me a conference room at the WeWork in Tokyo.

  5. I need secure transportation in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Let us take all the minutiae out of your trip so you can focus on what is actually important. 

Country reporting and travel risk analysis

The worldwide political climate is constantly changing and many countries are mentioned on the US Travel Advisories list every day.  

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Easie provides guidance on country current events reporting and risk analysis with detailed reports on the current state of the country and economic, geographical, cultural and political analysis as well as key things to know about traveling to the country (e.g. Malaria medication requirements, visas, etc.).  We can also train your team with a "country briefings" before they travel to a country with complex travel requirements.