We create sustainable marketing plans for your business 

Our team of experts and data-driven, workflow-based processes deliver results.  Drawing from vast experience, we know that marketing requires a high-level, integrated strategy and conscious action plans to achieve your objectives.

This process starts with you and your business.  We begin by getting to know you over a free consultation, learning about the industry you're in, your competitors and your current state of marketing.  Whether you're a larger, more established business or just starting out, we develop a customized strategy to help you maximize your market impact.

Market research

Have you ever wondered things like "what is the demand for products I want to sell?", "how much competition is in this market?" or "how can I validate my product idea?".  Research is a critical element of marketing.

Our data-based research provides you with clear conclusions and reporting about the issue you are trying to learn more about.  Easie experts offer next steps and further guidance based on the outcomes of the research so you can make informed decisions.

Campaign development

Marketing strategy means identifying your goals and having an action-based plan for achieving them.  We work with you at your current state to develop a marketing campaign around measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) and user-friendly, web-based reports. 

Easie systems use automation when possible to achieve efficiencies and ease-of-use to make running a campaign easier for your team.  Our team can provide recurring guidance of the campaign with expert judgement along the way or train your team to take the controls right away.

Social media marketing

Today, social media is a global reality.  Large, complex, demographical analysis algorithms are used by major social media companies that provide businesses with powerful niche advertising opportunity.  We help you figure out who your market really is and how to target your social media activity to see optimal results.

The data and analytics from your social media are interpreted by our specialists and we will use technical methods such as split testing and cohort analysis to better understand your target markets.  Your social media profiles will reflect the true demonstration of your brand.

Video production

When it comes to your marketing strategy, video is one of the most important elements in today's campaigns.  Video tends to have higher conversion rates compared to still photography and generally will see higher user interaction. 

Video traffic will be 82 percent of all consumer Internet traffic by 2021

Our experienced creative team will generate videos that communicate your brand and message concisely and in memorable ways.  Usually we can deploy a team to your location to film live video of your office, facilities and staff if necessary.  We also have large volumes of licensed stock videos and can rapidly generate captivating content without any filming at all.  


A picture is worth a thousand words.  Product photography is strong and platforms such as Instagram rely heavily on images for their content.  In addition to advertising, you may also want to take photographs for your website or social media pages.  A brand can present with significantly more impact if the photographs used are original and deliberate.

Easie can offer guidance on photography choices for your marketing campaign or deploy a team to cover photography for events, products and other advertising.  Our designers can retouch the photos or transfer the RAW images to your business for processing. 

Graphic design

The need for high quality graphic design at any given second is a necessity in today's world.  Some businesses decide to use automated tools or do-it-yourself sites for their design and see limited results.  Our experienced designers will get a detailed understanding of your design visions and create impactful and powerful content for you.  Our experts can also provide branding guidance across your advertising to make sure your brand is represented consistently.

Keyword optimization and SEO

When used deliberately and measurably, keywords are powerful tools to help you stand out in search queries for SEO and advertising.  The keywords you choose to target relate to the traffic you get on your site and ultimately your search rankings.  Organic traffic from high presence on search engine results pages gets you customers faster.

Easie experts optimize your site, brand and marketing to associate with the right keywords for your market.  Our integrated approach to keyword analysis and optimization gets you measurable results.

Website proofreading

English is the language of business.  Too often, strong companies with excellent products and services are overlooked because of a spelling or grammar error on their website or app.  Easie English experts spell and grammar check your site and look for more subtle nuances in tone, wording and presentation to ensure your brand is communicating clearly.


Easie offers training and guidance on a wide range of topics and can offer in person, online and customized training based on your needs.  We can train your staff on running effective campaigns or maintaining systems we have helped you put in place.  To ensure quality, Easie can also develop a learning management system for your firm so all staff are measurably trained.  


After our free consultation, Easie can also offer consultations at a higher-level as you guide the process yourself.  Whether that is checking in once a month or a more frequent recurrence, your dedicated marketing consultant will be there to offer unique guidance for you.