User-friendly logistics tailored to your business

Shipping and logistics are central aspects of many business models.  We start with a free consultation by learning about you and your business to assess the current state of your logistics process.  Whether that is a small business sending product to their customers or a large supply chain using a 4PL, Easie can optimize your logistics with expert judgement, automation and workflow-based processes.  Get updates and notifications as your shipments are managed.  

Scheduling shipments

If you have a steady flow of shipments to and from your business, you know how time-consuming and complex scheduling can become.  Our 24/7 team can schedule pickups from your location using local carriers or the carrier of your choosing.  We can also use your scheduling software if necessary.  Our experienced logistics team will confirm the requirements for your shipment and ensure the proper requirements are met (lift-gates, cold-chain shipments, dangerous goods, etc.).

Whether it is just a one-off shipment or a recurring, large scale operation, automate your shipping process with us.

Warehousing and fulfillment

Warehousing on a temporary or recurring basis is critical in many supply chains today.  Our team of specialists research and schedule warehousing from known warehouses in our network or with vendors you already use.  Common requests include storage, inventory management, fulfillment, palletization, pick/pack services, consolidation, kit assembly, container unloading/sorting, cold storage, dangerous goods and surveillance.

Packaging material and design

Freight is expensive and that is the reality.  But businesses can optimize their freight costs through thoughtful and deliberate packaging methods and material.  We can supply packaging material through our vast network of suppliers or help you design a new packaging from concept to design.  Our packaging engineers and product design experts will provide a sleek and deliberate experience for your customer.  We can also analyze your current methods for packaging and suggest ways to reduce weight during shipment and maximize cost savings.


International business is an integral aspect of the modern world economy.  Let our team of specialists assist with your import/export requirements such as documentation, classification, customs clearance, brokerage, demurrage/drayage, carrier management, transshipments, incoterms and customs/duties.  Avoid costly mistakes that hurt your logistics process with our global trade support.

Global trade compliance

Does your company comply with trade compliance laws and regulations?  Do you have a formal global trade compliance program or any written policies and procedures?  Many companies are not in compliance with recordkeeping, documentation, classification or training with their international logistics operations.  Our team will assess your internal trade compliance practices and can assist with compliance requirements. 

Consulting and project management

After our free consultation, Easie can also offer consultations at a higher-level as you guide the process yourself.  Whether that is checking in once a month or working with your team every day, your dedicated logistics consultant will be there to offer unique guidance for you.  Whether it is your supply chain, setting up a 3PL or something else, ask us and we will get you the solution.